Pre-execution plan filter evaluator - called before the execution plan is retrieved to evaluate the portions of the filter criteria that can be evaluated without an execution plan.

Namespace: HuagatiEFProfiler.Filters
Assembly: HuagatiEFProfiler (in HuagatiEFProfiler.dll) Version: 1.33.3996.16092


bool IsValidBeforePlan(
	QueryInformation query
Visual Basic
Function IsValidBeforePlan ( _
	query As QueryInformation _
) As Boolean
Visual C++
bool IsValidBeforePlan(
	QueryInformation^ query


Type: HuagatiEFProfiler..::..QueryInformation
The QueryInformation object to evaluate.

Return Value

True if the pre-filter predicates makes the query valid for further evaluation (i.e. execution plan evaluation). False if not.

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