The HuagatiEFProfiler namespace contains the runtime functionality that is used by applications to generate Entity Framework Profiling logs.

The entry point for profiling are the constructors for the EFProfiler class, that is used for initializing profiling with a variety of alternative profiling and filter scenarios.

Also see the HuagatiEFProfiler.Filters namespace for details on filter implementations.


Public classEFProfiler
Profiler logging component interface class. This class handles all interaction between an application and the EF Profiler.
Public classLogErrorEventArgs
Event arguments for the LogError event - raised if writing to the profiler log fails.
Public classQueryContext
Query context identifying when/where etc for a Linq-to-SQL profiler log entry
Public classQueryInformation
The QueryInformation class correspond to a Linq-to-SQL Profiler log entry. It contain information about individual query executions such as the generated SQL Query, SQL Server I/O data and timings, execution context (machine, user, date/time etc), managed call-stack, and (optionally) also SQL Server Execution plans.
Public classTableRead
TableRead instances contain I/O statistics for individual tables involved/read/written during the execution of a query.


Public delegateEFProfiler..::..AfterSerializingDelegate
Delegate for the AfterSerializing event that is fired after a profiler log entry is serialized (or queued for serialization in case of asynchronous log writes).
Public delegateEFProfiler..::..BeforeSerializingDelegate
Delegate for the BeforeSerializing event that is fired before a profiler log entry is serialized.
Public delegateEFProfiler..::..FilteredOutDelegate
Delegate for the FilteredOut event that is fired if a profiler log entry is excluded from the log by a filter.


Public enumerationExecutionPlanMode
Execution plan mode for a Linq-to-SQL Profiler session. None = no execution plan, Estimated = SQL Server's estimated execution plan will be extracted, Actual = the actual SQL Server execution plan will be extracted.