The Huagati.LLBLGen.Profiler namespace contains the runtime functionality that is used by applications to generate query profiler logs for LLBLGen Pro database queries.

See the file LoggingAdapter.cs in the [applicationdirectory]/redist for an example how to use the logging component from within a LLBLGen Pro based application.

Also see the Huagati.LLBLGen.Profiler.Filters namespace for details on filter implementations.


Public classLogErrorEventArgs
Event arguments for the LogError event - raised if writing to the profiler log fails.
Public classQueryContext
Query context identifying when/where etc for a LLBLGen profiler log entry
Public classQueryInformation
The QueryInformation class correspond to a LLBLGen Profiler log entry. It contain information about individual query executions such as the generated SQL Query, SQL Server I/O data and timings, execution context (machine, user, date/time etc), managed call-stack, and (optionally) also SQL Server Execution plans.
Public classQueryProfiler
Query profiler session object. Do not create directly, instead use the DataContext.BeginProfiling methods to initiate profiling.
Public classTableRead
TableRead instances contain I/O statistics for individual tables involved/read/written during the execution of a query.


Public delegateQueryProfiler..::..AfterSerializingDelegate
Delegate for the AfterSerializing event that is fired after a profiler log entry is serialized (or queued for serialization in case of asynchronous log writes).
Public delegateQueryProfiler..::..BeforeSerializingDelegate
Delegate for the BeforeSerializing event that is fired before a profiler log entry is serialized.
Public delegateQueryProfiler..::..FilteredOutDelegate
Delegate for the FilteredOut event that is fired if a profiler log entry is excluded from the log by a filter.


Public enumerationExecutionPlanMode
Execution plan mode for a LLBLGen Profiler session. None = no execution plan, Estimated = SQL Server's estimated execution plan will be extracted, Actual = the actual SQL Server execution plan will be extracted.