ProfilerFilter is the abstract base class for all filters for the LLBLGen Profiler. Inherit this class to implement a new filter. Filters that rely on SQL Server execution plan data for evaluating filter conditions should be marked with the UsesExecutionPlanDataAttribute attribute.

Namespace: Huagati.LLBLGen.Profiler.Filters
Assembly: HuagatiLLBLGenProfiler (in HuagatiLLBLGenProfiler.dll) Version: 1.33.3996.16145


public abstract class ProfilerFilter
Visual Basic
Public MustInherit Class ProfilerFilter
Visual C++
public ref class ProfilerFilter abstract


The following example shows how to implement a custom filter for use with the LLBLGen Profiler.
public class MyCustomFilter : ProfilerFilter
    public override bool IsValid(QueryInformation query)
        //if the query reads more than 1Mb of table data, or more than 1Mb of LOBs, include in the profiler log
        if (query.TotalReadsKilobytes > 1024
            || query.TotalLOBReadsKilobytes > 1024)
            return true;
            return false;

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