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Huagati Systems is a software company specialized in software solutions and technical consulting for low cost carriers, with focus on solutions built on or around Navitaire Newskies.

We have ready-to-deploy solutions for common LCC requirements, and we can provide custom solutions for one of your carrier's specific business requirements if not already solved by one of our ready-built solutions.

Please contact us if you want to discuss your custom development, automation, configuration, data conversion needs, or if you are interested in one of our ready built solutions.

Newskies GUI, and IBE customization

Several Navitaire hosted carriers are using our custom enhancements for the Newskies GUI applications. We can add or change functionality in the Skyspeed booking flow, or add entirely new flows and screens for selling specialized products in Skyspeed.

The Huagati Upsell Addon for Skyspeed can help you boost sales of baggage, meals, priority checkin, and any other product or service sold as an SSR or service fee.

The Huagati Group Booking Addon for Skyspeed can reduce or remove the involvement from revenue management analysts when making group booking quotations, instead moving group booking related tasks to call center or other direct sales channels.

Our schedule management and IROP tools can make it easier for call center or customer service agents to find and update bookings affected by schedule changes or IROP.

Contact us if you want to learn more, or for a live demonstration in your own test or UAT environment.

Automated backend processing

Do you need to automate any kind of booking processing based on booking events or booking attributes, schedule changes, fare updates, or inventory changes? We have many ready built services for automated processing, and can build custom services for almost any type of automated processing involving reservation system data or events affecting reservation system data.

Reports and alerts

Do you need a custom report or automated alert based on Newskies ODS data? If the data exist in the ODS, we can extract it.

Data conversion

We can handle your data conversion when migrating from one reservation system to another. We have ready tools to converting your reservations data from your old reservation system into Navitaire Newskies data migration format. We have successfully migrated three carriers from Results to Newskies, and one from Radixx to Newskies, and can adapt the data conversion tools to work with other reservation systems.

Data feeds

Do you need a custom data feed from Newskies to another system, or from another system to Newskies? We can create automated feeds in custom formats or in industry standard formats, whether you need to feed revenue management systems, revenue accounting systems, government security systems, or any other internal or external system with data from the reservation system. We can also update bookings, customer profiles, Utilities reference and configuration data, schedules, inventory, fares, exchange rates etc with automated feeds from other systems.

Security reviews

We can perform security reviews of your websites, mobile apps, inhouse apps, payment systems. Is there a hidden flaw in any of your publicly exposed systems or apps, or in inhouse apps that could be misused to gain unauthorized access to customer data, to create invalid bookings, or to block inventory? Is your mobile app PCI-DSS compliant? Is your website or your marketing tools inadvertently exposing internal revenue management data? We can help you find and address those issues.

Screen scraper management

If left uncontrolled, screenscrapers and other automated bots can bring look-to-book ratios out of control and create unnecessary load on reservation systems. We have tools for logging, monitoring, and blocking bot activity on your website and publicly exposed APIs.
Development Tool Downloads

Huagati DBML/EDMX Tools is an add-in for Microsoft Visual Studio 2012/2010/2008 that extend the Linq-to-SQL and Entity Framework designers in Visual Studio with new functionality.

Huagati Query Profiler is a runtime query profiling tool for Linq-to-SQL and Entity Framework v4.

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