The QueryInformation type exposes the following members.


Public methodQueryInformation
default constructor


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Public propertyActualStatement
The executed query as reported back by SQL Server
Public propertyCompileTime
SQL Server query compile time in milliseconds.
Public propertyCustomData
Custom data attached to the profiler session before the query was executed. This member is reset between each query execution and can be used by the profiled application to provide additional context.
Public propertyEntryID
Profiler log entry Id uniquely identifying a specific query execution instance.
Public propertyExecutionPlan
SQL Server execution plan (actual or estimated) for the query. Only included if the profiler trace explicitly enabled execution plan extraction.
Public propertyExecutionPlanError
If an error occurs when retrieving the execution plan, this member will contain the error details.
Public propertyExecutionPlanMode
Execution plan mode that was used for retrieving the execution plan.
Public propertyExecutionTime
SQL Server query execution time in milliseconds (excluding parsing and compilation).
Public propertyInfoMessages
Contains any additional information messages generated by SQL Server during query execution.
Public propertyLogSource
Which profiler created the log entry...?
Public propertyQueryContext
Query execution context: who, when, where, how
Public propertyQueryParams
Query parameter descriptions and values
Public propertySeq
Profiler log trace sequence number showing the ordinal position of this entry within the profiler session it was recorded under.
Public propertySQLIOStatistics
Raw SQL Server I/O statistics output
Public propertySQLQuery
The SQL query that was executed
Public propertySQLTimings
Raw SQL Server compile and execution timings for the query.
Public propertyStackTrace
Managed call stack that caused the query to execute.
Public propertyTableReads
SQL Server I/O statistics broken down by table.
Public propertyTotalLOBReads
Total number of large object page reads performed by the query.
Public propertyTotalLOBReadsKilobytes
Total large object reads in kilobytes.
Public propertyTotalReads
Total number of page reads performed by the query. (Excluding LOB reads)
Public propertyTotalReadsKilobytes
Total table reads in kilobytes (excluding LOB reads).
Public propertyTraceID
Profiler log trace ID identifying the profiler session under which this entry was created.
Public propertyVersion
QueryInformation version

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