AssociationSetMapping represents a MSL AssociationSetMapping entry. These are typically used for many-to-many relationships and for independent associations where the scalar members are part of the SSDL entity but not part of the CSDL entity.

Namespace: HuagatiEDMXTools
Assembly: HuagatiEDMXTools (in HuagatiEDMXTools.dll) Version: 2.21.4044.31765


public class AssociationSetMapping : EDMXMember, 
	IEDMXRemovableMember, IEDMXNamedMember
Visual Basic
Public Class AssociationSetMapping _
	Inherits EDMXMember _
	Implements IEDMXRemovableMember, IEDMXNamedMember
Visual C++
public ref class AssociationSetMapping : public EDMXMember, 
	IEDMXRemovableMember, IEDMXNamedMember

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