The HuagatiEDMXTools namespace contains wrapper classes for parsing, creating, modifying and updating Entity Framework v4 EDMX files.

The main entry point is the EDMXFile class, that is used for loading, creating, and saving EDMX files. The EDMX structure is exposed through properties and methods on the EDMXFile class, e.g. StorageModel, ConceptualModel, CSMapping, and Designer


Public classAssociationSetMapping
AssociationSetMapping represents a MSL AssociationSetMapping entry. These are typically used for many-to-many relationships and for independent associations where the scalar members are part of the SSDL entity but not part of the CSDL entity.
Public classAutoMapArgs
Event arguments when auto-mapping store members to model members
Public classCommonModelProperty
Represents a property that exists more than once in a model. This class is used together with the GetCommonProperties methods in the conceptual model queries
Public classConceptualModel
Represents the conceptual model (CSDL) within an EDMX file, and enumerations and methods for exploring and modifying the conceptual model.
Public classConceptualModelQueries
Class containing common / useful queries against the conceptual model. Access through the ConceptualModel class' Queries property.
Public classCSDLType
Class used for comparing type between scalar members. Translates ModelMemberProperty, StoreMemberProperty, StoreFunctionParameter and ModelFunctionParameter to a comparable object
Public classCSMapping
Wrapper for all things related to mapping between the conceptual model and storage model. Access through the CSMapping property in the EDMXFile class.
Public classDesigner
Represents designer diagrams.
Public classDesignerOption
Diagram designer options, exposed by the Designer class
Public classEDMXFile
Class representing an EDMX file. This class is the entry point when working with an existing or creating a new EDMX file.
Public classEDMXMember
Abstract base class for all classes representing objects that are part of the EDMX (CSDL/SSDL/MSL, or diagram) structure. Provides internal shared logic between the objects.
Public classEntitySetMapping
Represents a mapping between a conceptual model entity set and a storage model entity set
Public classEntityTypeShape
Class representing an EntityTypeShape in the entity model diagram. This controls how and where in a diagram a conceptual model entity type appears.
Public classFunctionImportMapping
Represents a mapping between a conceptual model function import and a storage model function.
Public classLicense
Class used to supply license information to the HuagatiEDMXTools library.
Public classMappingCondition
Represents a mapping condition instructing EF which entity type to map to. Used with entity inheritance (TPH) and entity splitting.
Public classModelAssociationSet
Represents a conceptual model association between two conceptual model entitysets
Public classModelComplexType
Represents a complex type in the conceptual model
Public classModelEntitySet
Represents a conceptual model entityset
Public classModelEntityType
Represents a conceptual model entity type.
Public classModelFunction
Represents a function import in the conceptual model.
Public classModelFunctionParameter
Represents a parameter to a function defined in the conceptual model
Public classModelMemberProperty
Represents a scalar member in the conceptual model. Can be a member of a ModelEntityType or a ModelComplexType
Public classNameChangeArgs
Event arguments when a model member changes name
Public classNavigationProperty
Represents a conceptual model navigation property from one entity to another entity(set)
Public classStorageModel
Class representing the storage model (SSDL)
Public classStorageModelQueries
Exposes commonly used queries against the storage model. This class is accessible through the Queries property in the StorageModel class.
Public classStoreAssociationSet
Represent a storage model associationset.
Public classStoreEntitySet
Represents an entity set in the storage model.
Public classStoreEntityType
Represents an entity type in the storage model.
Public classStoreFunction
Represents a function/procedure definition in the storage model.
Public classStoreFunctionParameter
Represents a parameter definition for a storage model function.
Public classStoreMemberProperty
Represents a scalar member in a storage model entity type.


Public enumerationAccessModifierEnum
Member protection level; public, internal, protected, or private
Public enumerationEDMXInheritanceStrategyEnum
Type of inheritance strategy used
Public enumerationMultiplicityTypeEnum
Multiplicity for associations
Public enumerationParameterModeEnum
Function or stored procedure parameter mode; input, output or bidirectional
Public enumerationParameterTypeSemanticsEnum
Controls how function overloads are resolved. The default is AllowImplicitConversion
Public enumerationStoreGeneratedPatternEnum
Indicates if a scalar member is generated by the database (on insert = identity, insert+update = computed)
Public enumerationStoreTypeEnum
Type of backing store entity: Table or View