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Resume / CV for Kristofer Andersson
Personal Details

Mr Kristofer Andersson
MSDN Forums:
Phone: +66 8 1499 1900 (TH)
Date Of Birth: 7 May 1975
Nationality: Swedish (EU)
Marital Status: Married
Languages: Swedish (Native), English (Fluent), Thai (Basic)

Employment and Work History

Huagati Systems Co., Ltd., Bangkok, Thailand
Owner and Software Developer
January 2005 - Present
Self-employed; responsible for software development, marketing, support, sales. Custom development for various clients, as well as shrink-wrapped products (Huagati DBML/EDMX Tools and Huagati Query Profiler). Some of the projects: a web-based hedge accounting system (commodities and FX), statistics data exchange and presentation tools, various gateways and extensions for airline software, database performance analysis and tuning, travel websites, writing exam questions for MS developer certification exams, gateways between various financial / ERP systems, airline systems migration (data conversion, building payment gateways and automated backend processing systems, customizing UIs, etc).
Technologies: C#, .net, SQL Server, LINQ, Linq-to-Sql, Entity Framework,, AJAX, javascript, Oracle, Informix
Clients: RRT, United Nations (UNESCAP), Nok Airlines, Padaeng Industry PCL, Webwerkstaden, StudioB, SoftAir AG (Champ Cargosystems), Tik Systems, Mox Travel, WSAB

Results Reservation Technologies / RRT / RRTechnologies and Spirit Airlines, Miramar, FL, USA
Software Developer
2002 - 2005
Frontend and backend systems development, web interfaces, 3rd party gateways for an airline reservation system based on mixed technologies (Windows / VB frontend, web, informix/tuxedo/linux backend).
Technologies: Classic VB (6), C++, Tuxedo, Informix, VB.NET, ASP.NET
Clients: Spirit Airlines, Nok Air, FlyNordic (Norwegian), Amadeus, Aero California, Viva Aerobus

Global Care Solutions / GCS and Bumrungrad Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand
Software Developer
1999 - 2002
Developed several key components of a fully integrated hospital information system. Database modelling, backend services development, frontend/UI development.
Technologies: Classic VB (VB6), MTS / COM+, SQL Server, IIS, ISA
Clients: Bumrungrad Hospital

Poco Engineering AB, Stora Höga, Sweden
Software Developer / freelance consultant
1998 - 1999
Freelance consultant / contractor. Custom development for various clients in Sweden as well as instructional courses/training for software companies.
Technologies: Classic VB (5/6), Classic ASP, xml, SQL Server, MS Access / JET Engine, JavaScript, VBScript
Clients: Hogia, WSAB, Axiell, Jämtfrakt, Port of Gothenburg, Frontec (Acando)

Hogia Lön / Hogia PA, Stenungsund, Sweden
Software Developer
1993 - 1998
Software developer for a commercial / shrinkwrapped payroll system. Worked on three generations of payroll systems and related applications; DOS-based, Win16, and Win32.
Technologies: Classic VB (2, 3, 4, 5, 6), Basic7, BTrieve, MS Access / JET, SQL Server, Classic asp, HTML, MTS/COM+
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