The ModelEntityType type exposes the following members.


Public propertyAliasName
Fully qualified alias name, including parent object aliases.
Public propertyAssociationsFrom
Enumeration of associations originating from this entity type.
Public propertyAssociationsTo
Enumeration if associations referencing this entity type.
Public propertyBaseType
Immediate base type for this type, if inheriting from other model entity type. Null if this type has no base type.
Public propertyBaseTypes
Enumeration returning all base types above this type, starting with the immediate base type.
Public propertyDiagramShape
EntityTypeShape representing this entity type in the designer diagram.
Public propertyEntitySet
Entity set that this entity type is a member of.
Public propertyFullName
Fully qualified name, including parent object names.
Public propertyHasBaseType
True if this entity type has a base type, false if not.
Public propertyHasSubTypes
True if this type has subtypes, false if not.
Public propertyLongDescription
Long description, part of the documentation attributes for model members
Public propertyMemberProperties
Enumeration of scalar members in this entity type.
Public propertyName
Name of the model object
Public propertyNavigationProperties
An enumeration of navigation properties on this entity type.
Public propertyShortDescription
Short description, part of the documentation attributes for model members
Public propertySubTypes
Enumeration returning all sub types inheriting directly or indirectly from this type.
Public propertyTopLevelBaseType
The top-level base type for this entity; the entity type highest up in the inheritance chain.

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