The StoreFunction type exposes the following members.


Public propertyAggregate
True if the function/procedure returns an aggregate value, false if not.
Public propertyAliasName
Fully qualified alias name, including parent object aliases.
Public propertyBuiltIn
True if the function/procedure is a built-in function, false if not.
Public propertyCommandText
Command text if defined within the model rather than mapped to a database function or procedure.
Public propertyFullName
Fully qualified name, including parent object names.
Public propertyFunctionName
Function/procedure name in the database
Public propertyIsComposable
True if the function is composable / can be part of a query or wrapped within a function call.
Public propertyLongDescription
Long description, part of the documentation attributes for model members
Public propertyMapping
Function import mapping that maps this storage model function to a conceptual model function import.
Public propertyName
Name of the model object
Public propertyNiladicFunction
True if the function/procedure accepts no parameters.
Public propertyParameters
Enumeration of parameters to the function/procedure.
Public propertyParameterTypeSemantics
Defines the semantics used to resolve function overloads.
Public propertyReturnType
Return type name
Public propertySchema
Database schema that this function/procedure belongs to.
Public propertyShortDescription
Short description, part of the documentation attributes for model members

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