The StoreAssociationSet type exposes the following members.


Public propertyAliasName
Fully qualified alias name, including parent object aliases.
Public propertyFromEntitySet
Dependent entityset. This is normally the entityset corresponding to the table that the underlying foreign key constraint is defined on.
Public propertyFromEntityType
Dependent entity type. This is normally the entity corresponding to the table where the underlying foreign key constraint is defined.
Public propertyFromMultiplicity
Multiplicity on the from (dependent) entityset.
Public propertyFromRoleName
Dependent role.
Public propertyFullName
Fully qualified name, including parent object names.
Public propertyKeys
Enumeration of key members for this association set.
Public propertyModelAssociationSet
Conceptual model association set mapped to this storage model association set.
Public propertyName
Name of the model object
Public propertyToEntitySet
Principal entityset.
Public propertyToEntityType
Principal entity type.
Public propertyToMultiplicity
Multiplicity on the to (principal) entityset.
Public propertyToRoleName
Principal role.

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